Glacier National Park & Triple D Game Farm - Aug 25 - Aug 31*, 2018 
Monday, January 23, 2017 at 3:48PM
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Tuition $1395 (does not include lodging, transportation or food, but DOES include entry to Triple D game farm and a 2-lake boat ride)

If you haven't had the great fortune of shooting in one of the most picturesque national parks in the country or photographing its indigenous wildlife up close and personal, then this is the workshop for you!! Nestled in the nortwestern corner of Montana, this park can be summed up in two simple words - AWE INSPIRING. Nowhere have we found such a stunning example of our country's magnificent beauty. Join Jeff and Ledra as they guide you through one of their favorite shooting locations in the Western United States. 

This one is a two-part experience.  The first 4 days will have you exploring all through this magestic park - its towering mountains, sapphire blue waterfalls, chasms and gorges, pristine peak-surrounded lakes and the most famous and heart stopping road of them all - The Going to the Sun Road.

The second part of this adventure will put you literally meters away from wildlife as you photograph. Triple D Game Farm is located not far from Glacier in Kalispell, Montana. For 25 years Triple D has provided access to trained animals for photography and cinema alike. We will end our travels here treating you to wildlife shots that you just can't get anywhere won't even need a super-telephoto on this one! This is truly an amazing opportunity to capture such a combination of landscape and nature photography.

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1) This workshop starts at 5pm on Saturday evening and is 'planned' to end Thursday late morning. Our Triple D shoots are scheduled for Wednesday afternoon and Thursday morning. If a session is rained out on Wed or Thurs AM, the workshop will end Thursday around dusk with the makeup session.  Plan to possibly stay Thursday night or until Friday morning for the complete workshop. No partial refunds will be issued if a session is rained out and you leave early.

2) There are two fairly aggressive hikes on this workshop. Please be prepared to hike around 2-3 miles round-trip on each of these hikes. Neither hike has a required point to achieve so you may move along these routes at your own personal pace. 


**Cancellation Policy - Understand that on our longer trips where most people have to make extensive travel plans in order to join us, our cancellation policy is slightly more strict.  On this workshop, the last day for you to cancel for a refund is June 15, 2018.  After this date, there will be no refunds unless we can fill your position with someone from the wait list. For this reason WE STRONGLY ENCOURAGE YOU TO PURCHASE TRIP INSURANCE TO PROTECT YOURSELF AND YOUR INVESTMENT. 


**Non-shooting spouses/significant others - Only paying participants will be allowed to attend the Triple D shoot. There are limitations on group size due to the skiddish nature of animals, so no non-paying individuals will NOT be allowed to attend this portion of the workshop.


Lodging - We have multiple hotels we are staying in during our visit -- it's a big park and will cut down on drive time! Please make sure to register for ALL 3 for the specific dates shown....

*Saint Mary Lodge - 8/25 - 8/27 (3 nights)
Glacier Park Inc. (
Hwy 89 & Going to the Sun Road
St. Mary, MT 59417
Rate: $209 per nite / Cut-off Date:  June 25, 2018

If you choose to come in on the 24th (a day early) you can get the same rate.  We highly suggest this for ease of travel and timing. These are clean, basic, older rooms.  Given that we are shooting most of the day, most people don't mind.  If you would like to discuss slightly higher end accommodations, the Hotel may have availability, you just have to inquire with the Hotel. 

*The Village Inn @ Apgar - 8/28 (1 night)
Lake View Drive
West Glacier, MT 59936
Rate: $TBD per nite / Cut-off Date:  June 28, 2018

*Holiday Inn Express & Suites - 8/29 - 8/30 (2 nights)
3275 Treeline Road
Kalispell, MT 59901
Rate: $114 per nite / Cut-off Date: June 29, 2018


Make sure you tell each hotel that you are with Natural Connections Photo Workshops when you register.  Each hotel has a different cut-off date for reservations and a different cancelation policy.  Make sure you ask for and understand these policies. NOTE:  In the park, these accommodations are BASIC accommodations in an older park....they are clean, but basic. If you wish to upgrade your lodging accommodations feel free to do so when you contact the separate hotels and ask them about your options. 


Local Airports:

Glacier International Airport
4170 Hwy 2 East
Kalispell, MT 59901


Missoula International Airport
5225 US HWY 10 West
Missoula, MT 59808


Kalispell is the closest airport by far - only about 40 minutes from West Glacier. However, if you want to show up early and stay a little later you may want to consider flying in and out of Missoula.  The reason is is one of the most gorgeous drives you will ever see.  Missoula to West Glacier is about 3 hours, but the ride by Flathead lake and the National Bison Range is worth it if you have never done it.  




You are responsible for your own transportation to, from and during the workshop. There are car rental agencies at or near either of the airports listed above.  If you would like to share car rental costs with someone, please let us know and we can get you in touch with other participants who wish to share. 



For this Workshop:
Weather - This workshop will take you through many shooting environments, so be prepared for whatever the weather may bring.  Be sure to have rain gear for you and your camera.

Conditions - There will be 3 major hikes on this trip. If you cannot hike a 3 mile round trip, this workshop may be difficult for you.  Please do not, however, take this to mean the hikes are all that difficult.  They can be strenuous, but all are done at your pace and we give you plenty of time to get to the shoot and to get back.  One hike will be almost flat.  Another will be a gradual hike uphill on a well worn and wide path.  And another will be more steep, but again, you may go as far as you wish at your own pace.  Make sure you have HIKING FOOTWEAR for this trip. If you have any concerns please contact us to ask. 

Accessories - We do not require that you purchase any specific equipment for this workshop.  With that said, however, there are a couple of filters that we feel are very important to possess and whose effects cannot be replicated in Photoshop.  A circular polarizer is very commonly used in landscape photography.  We also recommend that you bring a 3-stop (.9) circular neutral density filter.  There are some effects you cannot achieve without having an item such as this to block some light from entering the camera.  If you are not familiar with this filter, there will be a discussion as to its uses and effects during the lecture portion of the workshop.  To read more about these filters click here or email us with any questions.

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